The Sustainable Nut Initiative (SNI) is a cooperation platform for the nut sector. All links of the supply chain are represented. Our aim is to bring the nut sector to a higher level in terms of professionality, sustainability and quality.

We work in complex supply chains with continuous changing market dynamics and limited transparancy. The different nuts, such as macadamia, almond, groundnut and cashew, come with their own unique production characteristics and sustainability challenges. SNI develops tools and strategies that take the specific characteristics and sustainability challenges of the different nuts into account.

SNI’s starting point is to enhance transparancy along the entire chain, stimulate the use of data to make smart interventions and strengtening farm-firm relations.
Our motto: securing sustainable supply

The initial focus of SNI has been on cashew. Other nut categories will follow soon.

Contact SNI for more info on solutions and membership.

Valuable insights ETI-risk assessment in Vietnamese cashew sector

September 18th, 2019 by Sustainablenutinitiative
Vietnamese cashew farmers are vulnerable to manipulation by middlemen, subcontracting of cashew processing introduces serious sustainability risks and Vietnamese legislation does not sufficiently ensure freedom of association and prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. These are a couple of the findings of a...
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Dutch retailer puts human rights on its agenda

February 21st, 2019 by Sustainablenutinitiative
Today, the largest retailer of the Netherlands, Albert Heijn, has announced to scale up its efforts to tackle human rights issues in its supply chains. The retailer made this statement in reaction to a campaign by Oxfam Novib aimed at improving the circumstances of...
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