We are pleased to announce that Lidl has become a participant of the Sustainable Nut Initiative (SNI). SNI brings key players in the nut industry together to strategically develop sustainable supply chains and a traceable nut sector. SNI’s participants are committed to improve the transparency in the nut chain, strengthening the relationship with farmer cooperatives and working towards volume and quality improvement. We talked to Lidl about their motivation to join SNI.

Lidl is a successful chain of grocery stores and have been expanding strongly throughout Europe for over 40 years. Lidl is operating in 32 countries worldwide and offer food and non-food products of highest quality at the lowest possible prices in around 11,200 stores in 29 countries.

Why do you think an Initiative like SNI is important?

Respect for human rights and the protection of the environment are the basis for Lidl’s economic activities. To overcome the often complex challenges in the nut supply chain it needs systemic change which can be achieved by collaborative approach. SNI brings together the different actors in the nut supply chain and provides for an opportunity to share experiences as well as best practices. Thus a common understanding as a prerequesite for systemic change can be created and effective tools to overcome the challenges be developed.

Why did Lidl join SNI?

Lidl wants to drive systemic change by engaging in initiatives and projects. For us certification is part of the solution. Part of our strategy is also to engage with actors along the nut supply chain. We want to exchange on views and learn from each other, in order to come up with effective solutions.

What is the main challenge for Lidl?

We think transparency is paramount to overcome the challenges within the supply chains. Ecological and social risk can differ depending on the type of nut and its origin which adds an extra layer to the complex supply chains. To come up with the right solution that creates impact an understanding of the  associated risk is important. The increasingly globalized supply chains make transparency and traceability currently the biggest challenge.

What SNI can bring to tackle this challenge?

SNI brings together the supply chain and creates a safe space for a precompetitive exchange on the challenges the actors experience within the nut supply chain. Within this collaborative space strategies, tools and solutions can be created which are more likely to succeed as they represent the whole supply chain. SNI can contribute by introducing the relevant actors to the initiative.

What is your expectation of SNI?

Lidl wants to drive systemic change by implementing long-term solutions through commitments and engagements within all members of the SNI. We are looking forward to upcoming discussions, sharing best practices and contributing to the SNI vision “creating resilient and transparent supply chains that create benefits for all actors in the value chain”.

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