van den Brink

Board member

Director Sustainability Intersnack Group

Bas van den Brink is leading the Sustainability Program of Intersnack across Intersnack Group. Bas has over 15 years of experience in the field of Sustainability and nuts. In his previously positions, Bas was Sustainability Manager at Intersnack Procurement B.V and was directly involved in multiple nut related sustainability initiatives and field projects.

Bas van den Brink: “Intersnack is committed to ensuring the quality and safety of our food products, minimising the environmental impact of our operations, recognising the social implications of our supply chain, investing in local communities and providing for our employees’ welfare. As nuts are core to the business, we are working on the sustainability in its supply chains and participating in multiple initiatives and projects. We belief that pre-competitive cooperation is key to addressing the systemic challenges in the sector and to drive lasting impact.  This is why we are part of the Sustainable Nut Initiative. We benefit from the opportunity to share experiences as well as best practices, to learn from each other, in order to come up with effective solutions.