Ebin Babu

Board member

Managing Director Alphonsa Cashew Industries

Ebin Babu Oommen is a third-generation leader in his family business, which was established in 1958. As the Managing Director of Alphonsa Cashew Industries, he is currently focused on building a sustainable and equitable cashew value chain, emphasising environmentally friendly practices, ethical sourcing, and responsible processing to ensure the growth is both responsible and beneficial for all stakeholders involved.

Ebin: “SNI, with its strong focus on the cashew industry, is ideally positioned to foster sustainable growth within this sector. We view sustainability as a key enabler of our overall business strategy, acknowledging that true sustainability can only be unlocked through robust partnerships. We have actively pursued cross-sector partnerships to address sustainability challenges across our value chain. We are confident that SNI serves as an ideal platform to unite different supply chain participants and to collaboratively develop solutions that promote a sustainable and responsible cashew industry”.