Risk based approach

SNI aims to promote a trustworthy approach to mitigate sustainability risks. Starting point is a shared idea of what the main risks are. Then companies know what the material issues are on which they need to focus.

Prioritizing sustainability risks
Every other year, SNI publishes a detailed assessment of the sustainability risks in the producing countries of a specific nut. At this moment, SNI members focus on cashew, however other nuts will follow soon. The risk assessment gives the sectors shared understanding of the issues that need to be tackled with priority.

Taking focused action                                                                                                                                        The risk assessment helps companies focus on the sustainability risks that are most urgent. Companies can include the relevant topics in their materiality assessment and sustainability policy and take concrete action to improve the situation. For cashew – with which SNI already has gained substantial experience – diverse projects in the area of improvement of livelihood of the farmers have been started. The funding from ComCashew has been very instrumental for this.